Story Telling

This series of messages focus on how the abilities to share stories is an essential leadership trait.

    • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

      Robert May was born in 1905 in New York. His family was affluent and Jewish but Robert had no religious preference. He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Dartmouth with a degree in psychology. He became a believer in the work of Alfred Adler, and this became an...

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    • The Gift of a Song

      George Cory and Douglass Cross met in the military and developed a relationship devoted to songwriting. After the military, they moved to New York City hoping to make a breakthrough on Tin Pan Alley. They had little success. Both longed to return to their hometown of...

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    • Sharing Our Stories of Hope

      As the 350th anniversary of democracy in America approached, Peyton Chen decided to initiate her own democracy project. She created a website where she invited her friends from her various social media sites to share a story of how they contribute to American...

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    • Up Close and Personal Story Telling

      Martha Gellhorn lived a life of contrasts. She was a pacifist but was also considered one of the greatest war correspondents of our time. Martha attended college but never graduated. She wanted to be a journalist and didn’t see that having a college degree was...

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    • Telling Our Stories

      It began as a simple letter to the editor of a local newspaper. The first lines of the letter began: “God Bless America. That’s my favorite song. It was written by an immigrant to America who was placed in a holding pen when he arrived at Ellis Island from Russia. He...

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    • Fireside Chats

      Franklin Roosevelt grew up with an elitist aura. He had big dreams but at the age of 39 was stricken with polio. Fueled by a determination that few people could maintain, he fought to sustain his dreams. The key moment in his physical and human rehabilitation was a...

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