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The messages have multiple applications varying from individual use to group use. An enumeration of all applications is not possible, but listed below are some of the ways the messages have been more commonly applied.

Asynchronous Discussion Guide

There have been a number of asynchronous discussions on topics surrounding the message themes (e.g. Fostering Hope, Innovation Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Joy, etc).  These discussions have involved professionals, students, and mixes of both.  They have also involved people with similar backgrounds and those with varied backgrounds.

Individual Reflection

Many people have sent me notes commenting on how helpful the messages have been in bringing perspective to their daily lives. “This message is just what I needed today” is a common response I receive.

Synchronous Discussion (Continuing or One Session)

These are discussions which occur face-to-face or electronically over a sustained period of time (typically 12 discussion sessions). They can be in classrooms, organizations, civic groups, or others. The discussions topics are in theme areas such as with asynchronous discussions.

Individual Self-Directed Improvement

Some people have found a message inspirational to make a personal change. Others have decided to fashion the messages into an ongoing self-improvement plan where they will select one message each month as the catalyst for an improvement they want to make in their personal and/or professional lives.

Asynchronous/Synchronous Discussions (One Session)

These are discussions around a single topic and meant to supplement other activities. For example, they can be used to reinforce materials being taught in a religious class/group to strengthen a spiritual message. In an organization, they can be used to reinforce a value of the organization.

Family Discussions (One Session or Continuing)

These are discussions which parents may use to discuss values and beliefs with their children. Since most of the messages are based upon actual people and past history, these discussions also have educational value and can be used to connect children to the past.

Asynchronous Discussion Example

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