The discovery of DNA has become one of the most important in our society.  This series of messages is important because of the lessons they offer for the challenges faced by those who make important advances.

    • Messenger RNA

      Katalin Karikó grew up in Hungary. Her passion for service led to her receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Szeged. When her research funding in Hungary disappeared, she and her family came to America. She was able to get a research appointment at Temple...

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    • A New View on DNA

      Barbara McClintock was a geneticist who did much of her work with maize. Because maize has a far longer generational cycle than E-coli bacteria (the subject of most genetic research at the time), McClintock’s work took longer to develop than that of her...

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    • Blurry No More

      June (Hart) Almeida grew up in Scotland to a family of modest means. While she was the top science student in her high school, she didn’t have money for college. She took a job as a lab technician. As fate would have it, this job determined the career she would...

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    • Genesis Sparks

      Rosalind Franklin grew up in a politically active family. Her parents helped fund homes for Jewish refugees who escaped the Nazi regime in Germany. She was an outstanding student who excelled in STEM subjects as well as languages and sports. She received a Ph.D. from...

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