Conflicted Heroes

These messages focus on individuals who made important contributions to our society, but also had personal flaws.

    • A Man of Good and Bad Contributions to Society

      Joel Roberts was born in 1779 in South Carolina to a prominent family. His family could support his education at some of the finest schools in America and Europe. Joel wanted a career in the military, but his father wanted him to study law and join the aristocratic...

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    • Richard Stallman

      Richard Stallman was born in New York City in 1953. His childhood was different because of his relationship with his parents. He became involved in computers at an early age and was involved with IBM when he was in high school. He graduated from Harvard with a degree...

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    • Youth Leader for Civil Rights

      James Bevel was born in 1936 in Missouri. He was one of 17 children. After graduating from a segregated school, he joined the Navy. He was inspired to enter the ministry. In addition to his pursuit of the ministry, James also was influenced by the teachings of...

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    • The Rise of Fascism

      Dorothy Thompson was born in 1893. After her mother died when she was seven, she was sent to live with her two aunts. She was able to go to college, a rarity at the time, and this gave her a sense of obligation to other women. She became a devoted suffragist. Dorothy...

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