Better Ways

These messages focus on how we begin the development of improvements in what had once been common practices.

    • The Halligan Tool: A Life-Saving Tool from Thieves

      It was a terrible fire that left a home in ashes. An investigation later revealed that the cause of the fire probably resulted from a burglary. In the ashes was a pry bar that the investigators thought was used to enter the home. When the Chief of the New York City...

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    • Jumping Backwards

      At 6’4”, Dick wanted to become an athlete, but he was unsuccessful. He was most hopeful about high jumping but didn’t qualify. Dick didn’t give up. The existing high jump techniques at the time were designed to keep jumpers on their feet after the jump. The reason for...

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    • The Weaver Stance

      It’s something that all of us recognize from TV or the movies. Police enter a building where a crime is expected to be in progress. The policeman has the gun raised with both hands in a firing position. The pistol is parallel to the eyes of the shooter. One hand is...

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    • Compatible Railroads

      Railroads ushered in the industrial age around the world, but the economic breakthrough made possible by railroads almost didn’t happen. The problem was that rail lines were created with different gauge tracks. Generally, the separation between rails would vary from...

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    • Scientific Management

      Frederick Taylor was born in 1856 to a prominent Quaker family. He could trace his family to pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower. He had an elite education growing up with plans of going to Harvard to become a lawyer. However, failing eyesight changed his...

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    • Time Zones

      When we think of innovations, we generally think of devices and their applications in our daily lives. Innovations can also be big ideas. Consider for example the following innovations: A plan for a worldwide system of time zones combined with a 24-hour time system...

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