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Salman Khan was born in Louisiana in 1976. His father was from Bangladesh while his mother was from India. Sal went to a public high school and was the valedictorian. He obtained his BS and MS degrees from MIT and his MBA from Harvard.

Sal began his career as a financial analyst for a financial firm. But his career changed when he began to tutor his cousin in math over the internet. His success with his cousin quickly led to others requesting help. He starting posting videos on YouTube.

The popularity of the videos led him to quit his job. He developed Khan Academy as a place where students could get online tutoring help on a variety of subjects, mostly in STEM fields. He has received sponsorship from wealthy sponsors.

The Khan Academy site has seen a meteoric rise in users. Current estimates (2022) are that the site has been viewed over 2 billion times. In fact, the site has become the go-to site for students who struggle to understand their classroom teachers.

Sal has plans to expand the use of the Khan Academy website including:

  • The interpretation of the site into actual classroom instruction
  • Material for SAT preparation
  • Free tutoring support


Sal has been recognized for his educational innovations both in the U.S. and in India. He has also been awarded an honorary doctorate by Harvard University.


Just imagine how one person has created a technology system that has enabled an untold number of students succeed in school. In effect, he has leveled the education playing pool for all. At a time when education is under stress, his contribution has been invaluable.

* * *

“I teach the way I wish I was taught. The lectures are coming from me, an actual human being who is fascinated by the world around him.” – Salman Khan

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