Giving It All

Charles Mully was born in 1949 in Kenya. His father was an abusive alcoholic. When Charles was 6, his family abandoned him. He turned to his uncle for support but was refused. He turned to begging on the streets. His education stopped at primary school.

Charles credits his conversion to Christianity as his salvation. When he traveled by foot to Nairobi to find employment, he was helped by a woman who found work for him to do in her home. He was eventually given greater responsibilities, and his entrepreneurial talents were revealed.

He began by creating a public transportation company, and this soon led to other ventures. He became one of the wealthiest people in Kenya. He and his wife had 8 children and lived a very luxurious life. While he was very successful, something was missing from his life. He couldn’t forget his former street life.

He decided to sell all of his businesses and property. His family was astonished and not at all supportive. As Charles found abandoned street children, he would bring them home to live with his family. It didn’t take long for their residence to become overwhelmed.

Charles and his family moved to an undeveloped plot of land to begin building facilities to house more children. Charles taught the children to aid in building the facilities, find/purify water, and grow crops. The children also took turns planting, and the land has now begun to make an ecological impact by capturing carbon.

Charles set up the Mully Children’s Family Foundation to continue to give hope to abandoned children. The foundation has supported over 20,000 children. Many of them have gone on to very productive lives. All of his children now play a vital role in the foundation.

Charles has made a difference by never forgetting his own roots. He made a success out of his life and decided to give all of his wealth to help others have hope in their lives. His only reward is being called “Daddy Mully” by thousands.

 * * *

“Because when you love people, then you love God. When you love God, we must love the people, and then we’ll make this world a better place here, our future generation for our children will be a better place.”– Charles Mully

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