Dominoes Episode Twenty-Nine

Charley wanted to use his next session with the interns to explore the value of collaboration in making a difference. He had deliberately placed the interns in two groups to develop their concepts for the difference they wanted to make. He chose the assignment carefully so that there would be a diversity of personality types.

The two types consisted of the following interns:

Group 1                                                              Group 2

Josh (ESTP) Entrepreneur                                 Connor (ENFP) Campaigner

Joyce (ESFJ) Consul                                          Audra (INFJ) Advocate

Kaylin (ISFJ) Defender                                       Beaux (INTJ) Architect

Austin (INFP) Mediator                                       Peyton (ENTP) Debater

Lynn (ENTJ) Commander                                   Alan (ESTJ) Executive

Both groups had forceful personality types as well as those who were more sensitive to how others think. Each of the four dimensions of the MBTI were represented at least two interns in each of the groups.

Charley decided to interview the interns after their experiences. He recorded the interviews and afterwards he decided to capture some of the key generalizations from what the interns told him. For each of these, Charley highlighted the aptitude traits that he was wanting to develop.

At first, we were reluctant to present our ideas to others, but when we saw how much the ideas of others were helpful rather than hurtful, we really benefitted from sharing our thoughts with others, even when they were still developing in our mind.”

Acceptance, Collaboration, Generosity of Spirit

“We were surprised by how sympathetic we were to each other’s plans. The stories worked to engage us. It was tough at times to restrain our emotions. I think every one of us had a moment when we never realized how great the problem was that was being presented to us.”

Empathy, Awareness, Observing, Listening

“The questions really helped expand upon the perspectives we started out with. We saw our ideas emerging organically just by working together.”

Adaptability, Collaborative, Creativity, Constructive

“The questions challenged my interest in the project. Actually the questions and the interest of my colleagues made me more determined.”

Dedicated, Doggedness, Commitment

“I began to appreciate the full dimension of what I want to be. This made me realize the two dimensions of my role. One I need to be the values leader, but I also need to be the day-to-day coordinator of a massive undertaking. Included in this I’ve begun to think of what I can really do to make a difference.”

Values-Focused Hands-On Commitment

From the experience, Charley felt that the interns had a good start of the scaffolding phase of the project. Next he wanted to begin exploring the development of a believer’s network.

* * *

“Collaboration is multiplication.” – John Maxwell (Business leader)

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