Dominoes Episode Fourty-Three

Tracie was intrigued by her next interview. She had actually talked to Beaux about her own cause. Each year the interns were asked to pass on advice to future interns. There was one word of advice that was on the list for every intern class: GAB. As Tracie found out, GAB stood for Go Ask Beaux. Tracie wanted to get a sense of the origin of GAB and that’s where she began her interview.

Tracie: Can you tell me about the origin of GAB?

Beaux: I’ve always been an analytical thinker. I think what led to GAB was that I can translate the analytical basis for a cause into emotional stories. When we did our story framing, I would give my fellow interns suggestions for how to make their stories more emotional but retain their factual basis.

Then when we did the scaffolding, I became the go-to guy for their thinking about the structural basis of their difference movements.

Tracie: That must have been very gratifying?

Beaux: It was to some extent, but it was also disconcerting.

Tracie: How so?

Beaux: People began to see me in a support role in their cause efforts, and I began to wonder whether I could be out front in my own cause.

Tracie: You were becoming the Steve Wozniak to the intern’s Steve Jobs?

Beaux: Exactly.

Tracie: Do you think there is a danger at being so good at something that your other talents are forgotten?

Beaux: I think so, but Charley helped me overcome that trap. When we began to put together our plans for what we would be doing once the internship was over, Charley asked me to go first. I think he wanted to set the tone for the presentations, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. He had faith in me.

Tracie: You could have been very comfortable being a support or number two in other causes, but you decided to not go that route. Could you share your thoughts about that decision?

Beaux: I have always been fascinated by brain science. One of the things that we now know about our brains is neuro plasticity. Our brains are continuously growing as we have new experiences. Obviously I did not want to remain stagnant. Everyone needs to leave their comfort zone.

Tracie: Thanks so much. I’ve learned so much in this interview. GAB has taken on a new meaning for me.

* * *

“All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.” – Tony Robbins (Author, Inspirational Speaker)

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