Dominoes Episode Fourty-Six

This was the interview that Tracie had been looking forward to. Lynn’s strategy for getting a mentoring program established at her university had become a story that was passed down to each intern class. Lynn had the boldness that others desired.

Tracie: I want to talk to you about how you acquired your boldness trait, but could we start with you telling me what drove you to your cause?

LynnSure. When I first walked on campus, I immediately became friends with a girl in the line to get dinner. Over the semester we became very close. Then when it came time to register for the next semester, I could tell she was troubled.

I asked her what the problem was. She told me she had no money to return. When I asked her about her parent support she told me “I don’t know where they are.” She had been homeless throughout high school, but still ended up as her class valedictorian.

Tracie: What happened? Was she able to stay?

LynnThe professor who had mentored me took care of her and with college support and internships she was able to graduate.

Tracie: What an inspiring story. Now could we talk about how you became so bold?

LynnActually, I don’t think I’m bold at all. I’m a story teller and a strategist. What I try to do is to develop an approach where stories make a compelling argument for me.

Tracie: Interesting. So what makes a story work?

LynnFirst, you must make it real. I try to use actual people to tell their stories. Second, I want the stories to be emotional. Again, stories coming from the mouths of affected persons add that emotion. Finally, I try to avoid numbers. When I do use numbers, I try to make them unforgettable.

Tracie: Can you tell me more about how to make numbers unforgettable?

LynnHere’s an actual story. My mother returned to her nursing career to help make college affordable for me. We didn’t want to incur debt. If I had not received scholarships and internships to help pay for a lot of my college, my mother would have had to work from the day I was born until I was 25 years old just to pay for my college education.

Tracie: That certainly is memorable. So you’re saying that boldness is a myth? You just need to frame the story you tell and let the story do the work?

LynnEssentially, yes.

Tracie: Thanks so much. This has been really helpful.

* * *

“Freedom lives in being bold.” – Robert Frost

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