Dedication and Hope

“We are here today to dedicate this Innovation Center in the name of Abigail Monroe.” So began the remarks of the Governor. “As many of you know, Abby has become recognized as the sponsor of our emerging entrepreneurial economy. She has become the connector that puts aspiring entrepreneurs in touch with those who can help them. She is also a tough, but supportive counselor to those with new ideas. But what makes Abby special is her dedication to those she supports.”

Abigail Monroe didn’t start by thinking she would become an entrepreneurial guru. In fact, it was a chance meeting with a man who became her mentor that changed her life. Her mentor had money to invest in fledgling businesses, but lacked the ability to determine those which were worthy of funding. Abigail became his savant. She was remarkable with her abilities to assess the intangibles that would make businesses a success. But her real contribution was her dedication to those businesses she selected.

She was demanding when needed. She facilitated the resolution of challenges. She was hopeful, but never without reason. She was a hidden asset, never appearing on a balance sheet. In fact, few people knew that Abigail Monroe was working behind the scene for a startup. When Abigail supported a business, she did so with a dedication that was unparalleled.

The Governor continued: “Unfortunately Abby could not be with us today for this dedication because of her own dedication to a new business she is supporting. When we planned this event, we knew that Abby’s schedule is unpredictable. And as we feared, we picked a date that was too important for Abby to join us. As a result, we are here today to commemorate a Dedication to Dedication.”

Hope and dedication are linked. Very few hopes are ever realized without the necessary dedication to make that hope a reality. What Abby saw in potential businesses she would support was an extraordinary dedication to success. Without that dedication, Abby would simply be a nursemaid and not a sponsor of success.

* * *

“Seems to me that there is a fine line between insanity and dedication – I call that line commitment.”  – Jeremy Aldana (Author)

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