Connections – Episode 8

As Jodie worked through the memories, she was intrigued by the lasting impact that her professor had on his students. Some of that impact came in class and other impacts came in personal interactions. It was remarkable how long memories of those stories lasted. This one is from over 20 years ago.

You are a wonderful story teller and the stories you told in class have lasted with me for the rest of my life. I’ve used your stories with my children and my staff. One particular story has been in my thoughts, especially in this time.

You told us a story about Kelsey. She had gone downtown with her friends. She had too much to drink and decided to return to her dorm. None of her friends accompanied her. As she was walking along the road, a driver struck her. The driver was drunk and veered on to the sidewalk.

You told us that Kelsey would have died if a fellow student had not been nearby who was an EMT. She was saved, but her college career was over.

When you concluded your story, you made the point that we have to look out for others. That message was very impactful for me and the others. You asked us if we would have gone home with Kelsey. That’s a message that I’ve shared with my children. It’s a message that I’ve shared with those I work with. It’s a message for our country at this time. We need to look out for each other.

As Jodie read the memory, many stories her professor had told came back to her. This aspect of learning was one she hoped to explore further.

Cindy – Class of 2002       

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