Connections – Episode 3

As Jodie began to think of her professor’s influence, she realized that it came from much more than the classes he taught. She started to realize the value of his continual communication, but there was more than just that. He exceeded expectations. The memory from Sophia was a good example.

In one of your emails, you stressed the importance of walking our schedule before classes started. Since I lived in the university community at the time, I decided to do that as soon as I got your email.

I was wandering around the building lost, trying to find my first class. I must have looked pretty lost because you asked if you could help me. You didn’t know that I would be in your class, but when you introduced yourself, I screamed out: “I’m doing what you suggested.” I introduced myself and you helped me walk through my schedule. I never expected that.

In my four years of college, I had you for a total of five classes. Each one was special. I think I discovered as much about myself as I did the course material. I began to realize that learning is more than just what is on a test. It’s an unfolding discovery of who you are and want to be. Your classes helped me do that.

And now since I’ve graduated I hear from you weekly with your messages about what’s important. They have become my grounding. I’ve kept each one and refer to them often when I face a tough decision.

I never expected that chance encounter before classes began my freshman year would lead to a lifetime of learning.

Sophia – Class of 2015

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