Connections – Episode 22

Jodie often thought of a term her professor would use in class: crucible moments. These were pivotal times in one’s life that make a difference. She was amazed by how many of the memories focused on these crucible moments and the role that her professor had in helping students connect to their why.

I can’t express to you the impact you’ve had on my life. From school to work to family, everything I have today can be traced in some way back to you.

I started college as an overwhelmed freshman with no confidence that I could succeed. But your class was one class where I felt relaxed. But I still struggled with school and keeping up with an entire city wrapped inside a university campus. It was all too big; too many people with too much work and too little time in the day to keep it straight. Or so I thought to myself. I fell farther and farther into a funk with no self-assurance that I could understand the material or pass the courses.

You assigned me a senior mentor my sophomore year. He ended up also being in my Calc 3 class. We worked well together, we thought the same way, and we understood the same jokes. We grew rather attached to one another.

But still, I had no faith that I could complete a STEM degree. So I transferred to Multidisciplinary Studies. After two semesters of minor classes, I was on my way to a degree. I realized that it wasn’t the content that I struggled with, but the idea of college. During my last semester before graduation I took a couple more classes, in my original major – and I loved them!

I enrolled in my original program as a second-degree student and clawed my way through my degree. With you helping me each semester, I was able to secure a summer internship. And with your help, finding housing away from campus.

With what you taught in the capstone class, I secured a job before graduation with a consulting firm. The job required A LOT of what you taught me. That was what I enjoyed about the job. So when my new husband got offered a job back home, I was able to receive not one, but two offers. Yes, I married my senior mentor. How did you know?

Without your guidance and persistence that I could succeed, I never would have found myself and the belief that I could accomplish so much. I know that every student who has passed through your program feels the same impact from you.             

Cheri – Class of 2002

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