Charley’s World – Episode Nineteen

As Charley approached the surface mine where he once worked, he noticed a change in Sam. Charley had never seen Sam as engaged as he was with the heavy equipment being used to mine the coal. Sam started to ask questions about what the equipment was and what it was used for. Charley could see a change had occurred in Sam.

When Charley arrived at the HR director’s trailer, he introduced Sam to Ernie. He asked Sam if he would like to join him and Ernie, but Sam decided to stay in the outer office. There was a window where Sam could observe the mining operations, and he went immediate to it.

Ernie began by describing the help he needed. “Most of the guys you worked with have retired. They were wonderful employees. I’m afraid I can’t say that about many of our recent hires. If I could describe the problem in one word, it would be attitude.”

“They don’t seem to care about anything. They can make up to $90,000 a year in a job that isn’t that demanding. In the past, our employees established roots, raised families, sent their kids to college, and became model citizens. I just don’t see that with our recent hires. Our retention rates are terrible. I spend a lot of my days in discipline hearings.”

Charley asked Ernie a lot of questions, but couldn’t help but think about his own struggles with Sam. They ended the conversation with Charley saying he would think about how he could help.

When Charley and Ernie opened the door to the outer office, there was Sam and another man engaged in a conversation. “Charley let me introduce you to Joe. This is his last day. He has been with us for 32 years. I wish we could clone him.”

After a few more minutes of casual conversation, Charley and Sam got back in the car. Sam was animated. “This was wonderful,” Sam said. “Joe told me all about his job and how much he enjoyed it. Do you know that the coal produced here is essential for making steel?”

“Sounds like you and Joe really hit it off,” Charley said.

“We did. He invited me to his church on Sunday and then to have dinner with his family.”

Charley couldn’t believe what he was hearing and then Sam asked, “Do you think you could help me get a job here?”

This was the opening Charley had long been looking for with Sam. “I’m sure I can. But you’ll need a GED. Let’s go talk with Nellie. She’s our GED expert.”

Charley had a smile on his face as he continued to drive. He thought to himself, “This is another Natty moment.” Little did he know at that moment what he would see when he walked into the Learning Center the next morning.

* * *

“Learn to get excited like a child. There is nothing that has more magic than childish excitement.” – Jim Rohn (motivational speaker)

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