An Inspiring Life

Edwin Moses was born in 1955 as the son of a Tuskegee Airman. He was a talented student and majored in both physics and industrial engineering at Morehouse College. He ran the 120-yard hurdles and 440-yard dash on the track team. He eventually focused on the 400-meter hurdles.

Edwin was 6’2” tall and was able to maintain a consistent 13 steps between hurdles. The consistency of his steps became a symbol of his life. He won a Gold Medal in his first international event and set a world record. He was to break the world record again, but lost.

After a few more losses, he never lost another race for nearly 10 years. He won 122 races in a row and set the world record two more times. Along the way, he won two Gold Medals in the Olympics. His excellence at his craft was inspiring to not only those in track, but to those who appreciated his pursuit of excellence.

Away from travel, Edwin had a professional career with General Dynamics. But his contribution to his sport also continued after his racing days were over. He advocated for an Athletes Trust Fund to provide financial support to athletes while maintaining their eligibility. The Fund has become essential for many athletes. It is unlikely that the Fund would exist if Edwin weren’t such an inspiring person and athlete. Edwin’s advocacy for others became an inspiration.

Edwin has also advocated for fair competitions by supporting the development of anti-drug policies. His concern was that everyone have an equal chance of success was again an inspiration.

Edwin has remained involved in sport after his competitive days have ended. He became involved in the Laureus World Sport for Good Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to “use the power of sport to end violence, discrimination, and disadvantage and prove that sport has the power to change the world.”

To live an inspired life, one doesn’t have to be a world class athlete, but Edwin Moses’ life does portray what it takes to inspire others.

  • To be a role model of consistency in everything you do.
  • To perfect your craft as an example for others to follow.
  • To help lift up others.
  • To advocate for fairness for everyone.
  • To stay engaged throughout the entirety of your life.

These attributes are ones that all of us can achieve no matter our background. Inspiring others is a mindset that all of us can achieve.

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“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” –Gautama Buddha

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