Affinity and Beyond – Episode 49

Brianna was looking forward to her next interview with Henry. She felt that she had a better handle on her future role as Henry’s successor, but she had a lot of questions. The previous five interviews she had done had opened her eyes as to the many facets of discovering and nurturing talents, but she had more questions.

BH:     Could you describe how you see your role in discovering and nurturing talent?

HJ:      Think about when you arrived at the foundation. You weren’t thinking about your talent, were you?

BH:     Not at all. I just needed a place where I felt safe.

HJ:      Once you felt safe, then what happened?

BH:     I found people who actually cared for me. I was accepted for who I was. Nothing mattered to those who reached out to me about my background or biology.

HJ:      Then what happened?

BH:     I guess I began to trust others and believe in myself. Actually, It took me some time to trust you.

HJ:      Do you recall that moment when you trusted me?

BH:     Very vividly. It was when you asked me about the pen I was holding in my hand. You then gave me ink for my pen. For me, that was my crucible moment.

HJ:      You started writing stories with that pen and that was the beginning of your talent development. What led to the overall development of your talent as a story capturer?

BH:     I don’t know. Maybe it was just practice and writing.

HJ:      It was more than that. You began to develop self-reflection skills. Have you ever regretted anything that you wrote?

BH:     Every piece I write leads to regrets when I think about it later.

HJ:      And what do you do about regrets?

BH:     I try to improve on my writing, my interviewing, my relationships with the subjects of the stories I’m writing about and all aspects of what I do.

HJ:      Does the regret destroy your self-confidence?

BH:     Not at all. I think it makes my talent stronger. I no longer worry about what others say because I know my own value.

HJ:      Now let’s review what you just told me. Discovering and nurturing your talent involves:

  • Feeling safe as a person
  • Having others who cared for me
  • Trusting others
  • Experiencing a crucible moment
  • Learning how to practice self-reflection
  • Embracing regret and learning from it
  • Building my internal confidence in my talent

BH:     Well, you’ve done it again. You helped me answer my own questions. We talked about my becoming your eventual successor. What do I do now?

HJ:      That’s a subject for another conversation. Let’s talk soon.

* * *

“Self-discovery is among the greatest of discoveries, like atoms, electrons, and neutrons, which cannot be seen but whose impact can either destroy billions of lives or save them.”
– Raj Suthar (Author)


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