Affinity and Beyond – Episode 45

Brianna’s next interview was with David. When Henry gave her David’s name, he said: “I’m very concerned about David. As you will see, he is very talented, but his talent could lead to a very bad future. He will be a challenge.” Brianna looked forward to the interview as a test of her ability to tipping the scales of talent to a useful purpose.

When Brianna first met David, the first words out of his mouth were: “Tell me about the problems that you and Martin are having. Is there a breakup coming?” Brianna was flabbergasted. How did David know about Martin and her relationship? Even her closest friends didn’t know that they were having problems.

”Before our meeting today, I hacked you”, David said after he saw that Brianna was taken aback. In order to regain her footing, Brianna decided to refocus her interview on David and his future.

“As you know, David, since you have checked into my background, I write profiles of people. Most of these profiles are positive, but I’ve also done some negative ones. Imagine that I’m doing your profile twenty years from now. What will I be focusing on?”

This seemed to stump David. Then Brianna asked told David to give her three things that she might use to describe him in her profile. After some silence, David responded: “inquisitive, truth seeker, and courageous.”

Brianna tried to absorb these when she started to form an image of David’s future. “Your description of your future self is intriguing. I would say that the first two also fit me. But I can’t say that I’m especially courageous. Could you translate those three things into a future career?”

David thought for some time about how to respond. “I want to use my computer hacking skills for the public good. There is a lot of bad stuff happening that I think I can uncover. I never thought about how I can use my hacking skills for good purposes until now. Can you help me take the next step?”

“Let me make a connection for you. I have a friend who wants to be a crusading journalist but lacks the skill that you have. This could really lead to something good.”

As she finished the interview, Brianna began to wonder if Henry had again set her up. These first two interviews led to specific actions she could take to help the residents. Was that a coincidence or was it Henry’s plan? Whatever the answer, Brianna felt very good about her future role in Henry’s foundation.

* * *

“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice, which does not live by secrecy.”
– Joseph Pulitzer

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